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2020 International Collegiate Singing Championship Finalists Have Been Announced

The 2020 Finalists Have Been Announced for International Collegiate Singing Championship TM   brought to you by American Vocal Arts. The second annual competition will feature 11 singers that have been selected to move on to the next round. Winners of the competition will be announced in 2020.  ICSC  emphasizes competitive collegiate singing that spans across borders. We seek to recognize and award the best singers from around the world who are currently enrolled in or a recent graduated of an undergraduate or graduate program in voice. There will be a First, Second, and Third Place prize awarded. The winners will be selected based on talent, potential, and overall presentation. All voice types will be judged equally. All performances and adjudication is done via a simple online process.  Congratulations! 2020 Finalists David Rivera Boz√≥n, Tenor School: New England Conservatory Teacher: Bradley Williams From: Colombia Chelsey Greeting, Soprano

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